The Highs and Lows

I will start by saying that this weekend I experienced a day that was utter bliss. This day was sunday. I usually get annoyed when everything is closed on sundays. It bothers me that just on that day we are supposed to dedicate our thoughts and energy towards our beliefs. I do not consider myself religious but I am spiritual and I strongly believe that one should be in spiritual contact every second of every day. It should not be something we reserve for sundays. Anyway, i support sunday as being a day of rest. A day for regrouping my thoughts and feelings. On sundays I catch up with everything that I put off during the week. I take time to sit in peace and listen to what my mind has to say. This is my typical day of rest. 
     This last sunday I slept in until 11:30. That's pretty normal for my weekends. While waking up I decided to read some of the social media posts on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. (this is routine for me. otherwise I fall back asleep) There was a theme to that day's posts. They all revolved around the subject of the weather. It is the job of this generation to alert others about the weather through social media for our fellow internet users because they might not have time to see the light of day.. WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. If I wake up to, "its snowing!!!!" "damn driving conditions!" "POWDER DAYYYYY" "I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF WINTER," I leap out of bed to see for myself! Otherwise I don't know what the weather is until I leave for class. 
        So here I am reading post after post about the beauty of the day. It felt like people hand't seen the sun in ages! One post in particular caught my attention,"Coffee, a book and my dog. Happy sunday folks :)." This was said by my soul sister. I texted her and asked if I could join. I met her and her dog rufus. We sat in the sun for a few hours and soaked up some vitamin D. We had a random but intimate talk about girly things. After the coffee sesh we hand't had enough time under the rays so we moved back to my house and sat on the porch while reading cosmo. The sun traveled across the sky and before we knew it, it was the late afternoon. She took rufus home and then came back to pick me up. We went to a place that my mom and I discovered before I moved to salt lake. It's called Dancing Cranes Emporium. This place makes me so happy. The vibe just calms you and the smell soothes all your senses. We had an amazing healthy lunch. After we had an Alternative Spring Break meeting and then we had a kappa meeting. The whole day they was just a blissfully great day. Days like those remind me how lucky I am. Happiness is not one large thing its many little things strung together. 
        This wednesday I am moving into kappa and I feel like everything is falling into place. I used to have days where I no longer wanted to feel the air race through my lungs and now I can't even believe those thoughts went through my mind. I have some friends who are going through rough times lately and I just want them to know that life goes on. And there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You might not feel it now. I swear I thought I would end it all, but I promise that time heals everything. If you are patient and positive you will get to experience days like this. You will feel all the little things you never thought you could enjoy. The air will again fill your lungs and you will enjoy the long slow inhale and exhale feeding your body and cleansing your soul. Don't be afraid to ask for help you are not alone and everyone goes through it sooner or later. This world is your oyster.
Go out and live,



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