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The Highs and Lows

I will start by saying that this weekend I experienced a day that was utter bliss. This day was sunday. I usually get annoyed when everything is closed on sundays. It bothers me that just on that day we are supposed to dedicate our thoughts and energy towards our beliefs. I do not consider myself religious but I am spiritual and I strongly believe that one should be in spiritual contact every second of every day. It should not be something we reserve for sundays. Anyway, i support sunday as being a day of rest. A day for regrouping my thoughts and feelings. On sundays I catch up with everything that I put off during the week. I take time to sit in peace and listen to what my mind has to say. This is my typical day of rest.      This last sunday I slept in until 11:30. That's pretty normal for my weekends. While waking up I decided to read some of the social media posts on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. (this is routine for me. otherwise I fall back asleep) There was a theme to …

Midterms= Procrastination at its finest

I am currently supposed to be studying for an american history midterm. Key word there is SUPPOSED. This means that I am not. I have gotten into a weird sleep funk. I am tired ALL THE TIME. I have lists upon lists of things I need to get done as soon as humanly possible, and all I can think about is just snuggling up in my bed and taking a cat nap. (yesterday's was 3 hours long) "Nobody got time for that!!!" As soon as I feel the slightest bit of stress, I give up and sleep. Coffee doesn't fix this. I've tried. Anyway, other than my random narcolepsy life has been good :) I went to see my hero up at huntsman and he poked my leg and drained a lot of gross fluid! Good news; It wasn't puss! Bad news; after it all drained and was normal for a few days, it came back. The first few tests determined that it isn't an infection but we are still waiting for some of the cultures from other tests. That is the least of my worries this week!
       Although I have 3 mi…

Still Dealing With The Aftermath

Thank goodness today is saturday! I cannot begin to express how delightful it was to sleep in this morning. This whole week has just been a little portion of hell. I have been really worried because as of a couple months ago I found a bump on my leg. It hurt and got bigger whenever I worked out or was more active than usual. I kind of brushed it off at first but it didn't go away. I got it checked out a 2 different times and the verdict was that it is just muscle. (I wish all my muscles decided to grow a little randomly!!) After a month of ignoring the obvious, annoying, painful bump I noticed the color of it was changing. Started out red and slowly turned into a purple color. On Thursday I went in to get an MRI at Huntsman. At this point I had psyched myself out. I was screaming inside. I could't sleep all week. I could just imagine what they were going to say.
        It played out two ways in my head. Option A: "So we looked at your scans and it turns out you have a ma…


So recently for some reason there has been a lot of BABY talk in my life. Whether it's people who love babies, hate babies. have baby fever, or people who have ended up with babies by accident. I never really realized how much we as people want to have BABIES! I mean how many times have we said "I want to have his babies" as a compliment to how attractive you think that guy is. Or anytime you are in public and there is a couple with a new baby, we just swoon over the tiny human! (if this does not apply to you, then don't worry it will happen.) I know that mostly women do all of the above, but there are guys out there who feel the same way! In my human sexuality class we are learning a lot about the reproductive system. My teacher talks about the social norms, the technicalities, and the emotional aspect of reproduction. But there is this guy in my class who always comments on the biological aspect. He knows a lot, and he always ends up saying that we are biologically…