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How to save a life.

This past weekend I experienced something that will resonate with me forever. Brooke came down with rufus and they got in my bed. Rufus, Rizzo, Brooke and I were enjoying the gloomy day from the inside of our cozy little house. Just like any morning we use my bed as a kitchen table where we each have coffee and breakfast. There we catch up on anything and everything that has has happened in the last 8 hours while we were asleep! You would think that two roommates/friends would't have much to talk about since we are together 24/7. Anyway we were looking at the Humane Society's newest post about a dog. We always look at their cute pics of adoptable furry friends. I always give her the "he needs you!"look and brooke is good at fighting it off. I was able to take a dog on walks and hikes and all that jazz I would have a dog by now! But as you may know I am a lover of cats so I am content with that. Brooke and I made the random decision of going to Best Friends Animals So…

Man Bun

Today was a good day. Though I am having a slight panic attack every morning because I have a test on thursday and I have been studying a lot but I don't feel ready yet, it still was a good day. I woke to the normal beams of sunlight that fill my room (even though I have blinds). I now sleep with the window open so Rizzo can come and go as she pleases. And thank goodness for functioning windows because my room is practically a sauna. Rizzo woke me up the usual 5 times last night just making sure I was still alive. She gets a little worried. I got up, got dressed and went to the kitchen to make myself some mate in my knew mate cup that my mama brought from Argentina. I am so happy with it. As a kid I hated mate but I willed myself to love it because I wanted to be every bit as cool as my mama. Anyway Cindy and Brooke were both up and eating breakfast. Brooke decided to skip class, (I secretly love when she does that because we usually end up laying on my bed with rufus and rizz, ch…