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a blurb, a vent, some word vomit. WHAT IS THIS?

It's almost 3 am on this night before school starts and I am awake. 'Why?' you might ask, because of my little shithead of a cat. Although the booping on the nose and the aggressive attacks to my feet would be reason enough to wake out of such a beautiful and delicate sleep, I still feel as if that was not the reason I awoke. Could it be that I had a nightmare, and woke out of it? Am I nervous for what tomorrow might bring? (which is nothing but a relaxing day of online classes..) Is it the new lanterns I put up? Are they too bright? I don't know, maybe its the wind. Whatever the reason, I am now wide awake. Fuming with anger but only because I am not dreaming in another world right now. Come to think of it that is all I feel these days. Anger. Usually its a mix of solemn, tired, angry, disappointment, frustrated and the tiniest twinge of purpose. But as of late, just anger. I won't tell you why I am angry, because I don't know the answer myself. I do however …