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Am I The ONLY One?

There are about 5 hours left until the new year.
There will be parties, champagne, fireworks, and kisses. It is a time to bring 2014 to a close and turn the page onto 2015. I feel like yesterday was the 2000 and a lot of people thought the world was going to end, and then in 2012 where they thought that too. Why do you all think the world is going to end?! This time, last year, I was dreading the new year. So much so, that when I woke up on the 1st I was upset that for some miraculous reason the world didn't end. Every year its the same story, "its all coming to an end," "mother earth has had it with our bullshit," "See you next year!...maybe." You know things aren't going well when you are begging the gods of life and death to make it all stop.
    Am I the only one who doesn't like welcoming the new year? It's not that I have had such fantastic year. I had another knee replacement. I fell a few times. I was consistently depressed. I also…

What is love?

But really though... what is it? What is it about love that drives people absolutely bonkers? Why do people search their whole lives for this so called love? Is it really that amazing? Doesn't it mean being vulnerable? Doesn't it mean sharing? Because if so, I'm not down. I don't want to share my bed!!! No way jose! I like to spread out like a chubby starfish and claim every last inch on the mattress! If there is ever someone in my bed who is not one of my cats, it will be the day that I found love. I am taking a class this semester called "The Psychology of Love." And even though that class covers every last theory about love, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed saturday night. Saturday at 5 pm I was climbing the (many) stairs to a chapel. I was making my way up to see something that I hardly ever get to experience. At my age, I know this is just the first of MANY weddings that I will attend. My best fiend's sister Paige was getting marri…