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Put Me Back On The Map!!

For the last month or so I have had 1 song stuck in my head. I hear it when I sleep, eat, read, socialize, breathe, etc. The song is called 'Back On The Map' by Kacey Musgraves. Not only do I hear this song on my playlist but I have memorized all of the words, as well as studied the lyrics. I constantly think of this song because I feel that I relate to it completely. The song is about getting back into the swing of things. After being "off grid" for so long all I want is to be put back on the map. I crave adventure, knowledge and most of all I crave friendships. I have amazing friends and I feel that I have finally sort of weaved out the relationships that have been toxic in my life. I am ready to jump back into my life!! I want to be at school. I can't wait to put myself out there again and meet new people. I intend on focusing a lot on my schoolwork and my social life. I almost want to make a promise to myself. I want to promise myself that I will live ever…