A Four Letter Word

What is this four letter word? 
Why does it exist?
How can four little letters hold so much weight? 
Why can the same word mean extreme happiness and extreme sadness all at once? 
How do these four letters have the power to shape our lives and change the directions in which we are traveling? 
How come everyone experiences this word in completely different ways? 
How do we make it last? 
Some people have it forever and others never get to experience it in its truest form. 

art by: Agnes Cecil 


  1. I feel this, Cata. Some people can say it like it's nothing and walk away from it saying "it just wasn't meant to be", then there are others that will be ride or die no matter what. It's about finding the people who are on the same page as you, otherwise you'll end up getting hurt. :/ Hope all is well


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