Man Bun

Today was a good day. Though I am having a slight panic attack every morning because I have a test on thursday and I have been studying a lot but I don't feel ready yet, it still was a good day. I woke to the normal beams of sunlight that fill my room (even though I have blinds). I now sleep with the window open so Rizzo can come and go as she pleases. And thank goodness for functioning windows because my room is practically a sauna. Rizzo woke me up the usual 5 times last night just making sure I was still alive. She gets a little worried. I got up, got dressed and went to the kitchen to make myself some mate in my knew mate cup that my mama brought from Argentina. I am so happy with it. As a kid I hated mate but I willed myself to love it because I wanted to be every bit as cool as my mama. Anyway Cindy and Brooke were both up and eating breakfast. Brooke decided to skip class, (I secretly love when she does that because we usually end up laying on my bed with rufus and rizz, chatting or watching funny videos) then Cindy said she would make us pancakes because I got this new batter that is made for vegans because it has lots of protein in it. We ate pancakes, snuggled with the animals, browsed youtube for cat videos and tried out my new stem machine. After procrastinating for a while we cracked down on homework... I was in my bed almost all day taking notes for my Psychology of Love class. It is so interesting but pretty hard! Finally at around 7, I got the inspiration to slip into my lulus and pink chucks, AND I WENT TO THE GYM! The other day I called in to see if they have an elevator to get up there because they usually have this large staircase and I can no longer do the stairs. They do have one!!! I no longer have ANY excuse to not be putting  my body first. I walked in there with the idea of biking for 30 minutes since last time it was only 15. As I got there I heard someone call my name, and I looked across the gym to see a kappa sister. She was on the spin bike and she looked like she was kicking ass. I love seeing sisters at the gym. It makes me feel like I am not the only one who pushes myself to get out and be active. So half way through my workout I was getting tired, I was tired, hungry, and my phone died so I had no work out music. Just when I was about to quit I thought of my sis Jacqi. I remembered the image of her spinning on that bike, looking strong and motivated. She looked healthy and full of endorphins. Thats when I said "fuck it" I don't need music. I don't need a break. I certainly do not need food! SO I gripped the handles of the stationary bike harder, leaned in and started pedaling really hard. To top it all off there was the sexiest man in front of me doing pull ups... I mean he had it all! Not too buff, good sense of style, and my favorite part, (drum rolllll!) A MAN BUN! I biked, and when sexy man bun guy took a break I would peel my eyes away and then watch the hockey game. (two great things to be watching) After switching back and forth from sexy man, to hockey, I realized it had been 31 minutes!! I also realized my legs were cramping and my butt was numb.. I gathered my things and then the embarrassing part happened. Mr. Man bun was walking in my general direction so I tried to smoothly put my sweatshirt on. As I went to grab my purse I noticed I had put the sweatshirt on backwards, (wait for it!) I quickly took my arms out and tried again. This time I got pushed my head into one of the arms... I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM WITH MY HEAD INSIDE THE ARM OF MY SWEATSHIRT AND SINCE MY ARM WAS IN THE OTHER ARM HOLE I WAS STUCK. I finally tore off the sweater and shoved it in my bag. I would have rather frozen to death than to have spent one more second inside that field house. So children! The moral of the story is, make sure your phone is charged, and DON'T GET DISTRACTED BY THE MAN BUN!

But yah.. today was a good day.


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