How to save a life.

This past weekend I experienced something that will resonate with me forever. Brooke came down with rufus and they got in my bed. Rufus, Rizzo, Brooke and I were enjoying the gloomy day from the inside of our cozy little house. Just like any morning we use my bed as a kitchen table where we each have coffee and breakfast. There we catch up on anything and everything that has has happened in the last 8 hours while we were asleep! You would think that two roommates/friends would't have much to talk about since we are together 24/7. Anyway we were looking at the Humane Society's newest post about a dog. We always look at their cute pics of adoptable furry friends. I always give her the "he needs you!"look and brooke is good at fighting it off. I was able to take a dog on walks and hikes and all that jazz I would have a dog by now! But as you may know I am a lover of cats so I am content with that. Brooke and I made the random decision of going to Best Friends Animals Society and the pound to visit some four legged lovers. We just wanted to visit them and love on them. After saying hi to all the dogs and cats at BFAS we were not completely satisfied. SO we moved on to the pound. If you have ever been to the pound you will know that it is not a bright and bubbly place. We went into the kennel room and it was LOUD. The florescent lights lit up the stinky room and the smell was not enjoyable.. There were all kinds of dogs! But the amount of pitbulls was astounding. Even young pitbulls not even a year old and they were locked up. The dogs were rowdy and anxious. All of them were barking for attention and love. The were not being taken on walks and having to use their little space as the bathroom as well as for eating and sleeping. I didn't know what to do. I had no words. We came across a 9 month old pup who was scared and when we approached the glass she looked up at us with those eyes. THOSE EYES! Brooke and I considered taking her home but the responsibility was just too much to handle at the moment. Then we looked at fostering her but she was "too young, and too healthy" they wanted her to be adopted. I will never forget passing by this poor pitty's kennel and seeing blood on the white walls because she was wagging her tail so hard. They want out and they want love and every time I see someone with a new puppy I think about the awful breeders and how all of these older dogs are puppies at heart. If people would just realize this then I don't think there would have to be a pound. 
       As we were leaving we passed by the cat room! Brooke and I went in and snuggled with furry cats. Then I saw one who caught my eye! She had the bluest eyes and she was a tortoise cat. She loved being scratched and she nuzzled my hand to keep petting her. Right then and there I decided I was taking this kitty home. She is 7 years old and we named her Ruca :) she loves her new forever home and is getting along well with Rizz and Ruf. I am happy to say that I saved another life. It all started with Olive, then Giovanni, Betty and Rizzo. Ruca and Rizzo are becoming fast friends. Have you ever saved a life? Its the best feeling!! You should try it sometime! 


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