What is love?

But really though... what is it? What is it about love that drives people absolutely bonkers? Why do people search their whole lives for this so called love? Is it really that amazing? Doesn't it mean being vulnerable? Doesn't it mean sharing? Because if so, I'm not down. I don't want to share my bed!!! No way jose! I like to spread out like a chubby starfish and claim every last inch on the mattress! If there is ever someone in my bed who is not one of my cats, it will be the day that I found love. I am taking a class this semester called "The Psychology of Love." And even though that class covers every last theory about love, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed saturday night. Saturday at 5 pm I was climbing the (many) stairs to a chapel. I was making my way up to see something that I hardly ever get to experience. At my age, I know this is just the first of MANY weddings that I will attend. My best fiend's sister Paige was getting married. I have my reservations about marriage, especially before the age of 25. But last night I learned that love has no age. There is no right age for marriage. Life just happens and when you know, you know. Well doesn't that sound cliche! But it's cliche for a reason! I was sitting in this little chapel, next to my friend Joshua (brooke's boyfriend) and watching a beautiful ring ceremony that really sealed the deal. Though they are young, they are in love and that is more than a lot of people can say about their marriages. Throughout the ceremony I payed close attention to the eye conversations between the lovers. The deep gazes into each other's eyes. And the occasional blush and smile. This brought back memories for me. Memories of similar feelings. I have no clue if I have ever loved someone to that magnitude but I certainly hope one day I will. I hope one day I will be able to accept someone completely for who they are and embrace their every flaw. I hope he will do the same for me. It may seem to outsiders that I am not interested, and that is true! I don't to have to kiss a million frogs to fin my prince! Therefor I will live my life as I please and if for some reason I stumble upon someone worthy I may consider giving him a chance. You can't rush love. Before this weekend  I might have lost a lot of faith in marriage and love. But Paige and Sean have reminded me that it still exists, and that its something worth looking for and finding. With time I might just know how they feel.

Namaste lovers!


  1. That is beautiful! I feel the same! I have learned a lot about
    L O V E watching these two!


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