Just Ride

At the risk of sounding absolutely cliche I am going to say that life is a roller coaster. I don't mean the little roller coaster that families go on to feel the wind in their hair. I mean like the Six Flags massive, scary and fluttery coaster that makes you want to puke out that pretzel you bought two minutes before. Every day jerks fast in different heights and twists. Some days are like the transition sections of the roller coaster, slow and suspenseful. Other times it is an uphill climb that makes you lean forward to help the the energy speed upward, and you know that at some point you will reach reach the top.  Then there are the moments of free fall. It feels like utter bliss and feels so right with that twinge of excitement and adrenaline. And towards the end of the ride we think, "wow, I would love to have another go!" Just to go again you have to wait in a line that is slow and hot. All you want is to seat yourself in that little car of life. And though you are looking forward to the free fall, it is known that you have to do the difficult, consuming, climb to earn that high. Life is also like a roller coaster in the sense that you have no control over the ride. There is just the go button, that you don't even get to press. The only choice you have is to either hop on, or buy some dippin dots and wait for everyone else while they take the physical and emotional roller coaster that is life. 
    I constantly am at a battle with myself, trying to decide if I want to get on or if I should sit this one out. My coaster is the one that has more uphills than down hills. This is bittersweet. Even though its a constant struggle to get to the top, the tracks are always taking me higher and higher. This allows me to see farther into the distance and with every day I get to see a different view at a different altitude. I get to have a different perspective of the theme park. I can see that some people always ride the rickety white roller coaster that has little ups and downs and travels in a constant circle. I can see people riding the rocket which shoots up and comes down, and up and down. Or the people on the loopy rides that are extremely thrilling but also a little more risky. Everyone has a different ride that they cant necessarily choose but they can choose to either shut their eyes and wait for it to be over, or you can throw your arms up and let out all the butterflies that liven up your soul. 
    All I want in this life is to find the energy that will keep me climbing to the highest point and to be able to come down and get right back on again. After all that is what I have been doing. Now I just need to keep riding until the park shuts down for the day. When the cotton candy vendors pack up and the lines shrink down to those few people who can't get enough of the thrill. When the guy turns of the ferris wheel lights off and the last cars leave the parking lot, that is when I can rest. That is when I can lay my head on the pillow and say goodnight, knowing that I spent every last once of energy that I had, on this ride called life. So I am going to to tie up my laces, lather in some sun block, fill my water bottle, grab my friends, family and loved ones, and get on that ride. 


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