a dedication to my sister

This post goes to my younger sister Josi.
Josi is in her senior year of High School and I am writing about her because I feel that she needs to know how much she inspires me every day. Though she is younger I look up to her. Since the day I knew she was coming to the world I loved her. I remember being driven to the hospital when she was born and I was SO excited. When I got there my parents told me that she was actually a little kitty. Hahaha she was so fuzzy! I knew that this girl would be my partner in crime and she was mine to love. Josi has been through so many phases in her life. Believe me when I say her terrible twos were really TERRIBLE! She was SOOOO annoying as a kid, but I loved her just the same. Through the years I have been there to see Josi grow into herself. She has blossomed in ways that I didn't even know were possible. I can't even begin to explain how much she has taught me. When she was younger she taught me that it was ok to test the limits and that no didn't necessarily mean no.. When she was a little bit older she taught me that being quirky is cool. There is no one more carefree than my jo bug. She never cared what others thought, she just went on being herself. When I got sick she taught me that you don't always have to share what you're feeling. It is okay to just keep things to yourself. But most recently she has taught me how to be strong. Everyone says that I am so strong and I radiate inspiration, but little do they know I learned that from my sister Josi. She is classy and feminine and bold. Josi puts up her walls but I have learned to see through them. Nothing pains me more than to see josi hurting. I can handle seeing people cry. I can handle franzi's tantrums. I can handle my parents arguing. But I cannot handle josi being upset. It hurts in a way that I have never hurt before. No pain is stronger than seeing my first baby sister when she struggles. 
   Josi has a smile that is contagious. She doesn't just smile with her mouth she smiles with her eyes. She smiles with her heart and she smiles with her body. 
   Since I have known josi from the day she was born, I can tell you that she has grown in one area in particular that I never made it to. Jojo is a ballerina. A real ballerina. She dances with poise and passion. She has reached levels that I have never dreamed of. She was blessed with the perfect body to dance. What is so amazing to me is that she wasn't exactly born with the talent. No she acquired it the hard way. She learned, and practiced, and pushed herself to the limits. This girl has a work ethic when it comes to dance that astounds me. When she wants to, josi can accomplish anything! When I watch my sister dance, I cry. Every time I watch josi dance I end up welling up with the most powerful emotion. I am so unbelievably proud of her and this is her senior year and I can't wait to watch her shine, yet again. She dances with such grace and such beauty I am so excited to see what decisions she ends up making after high school. I know that my sister josi is amazing. I just hope she knows it too. I love you jo, you are my little sunshine.
Shine on my love,
      xoxo cata


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