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Today was a day for choking back tears. 
Don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you. 
One would think that there is no possible reason for me to be sad right now. And one would be right. 
I recently got hired at new job that I am over the moon about. I live with one of my best friends. I am fairly independent and my pain has been more and more under control. Why have I spent the entire day fighting the urge to cry? I know it has been a good minute since I have had a serious cry but I am truly dreading this next sob sesh... To those around me, you have been warned. I feel like a ticking time bomb but the clock is broken so I have no idea when it will go off. It could be anything from a neutral comment to some driver not using their blinker that could set me off. I feel like it's gonna be one of those deep deep sobs where I pull evey sad event in my lifetime to the front of my memory and then set up a really depressing playlist on spotify just to make sure I have enough ammuntion to let it all out at once. I don't like to cry very often. When I do I know I need to plan and prep for it. Does anyone else do that?? Well if you did I doubt you'd admit it. It's not like you're going to admit that you watch yourself sob naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I mean, I don't. Every time I cry think of Dane Cook's sketch aout crying. He talks about repeating to himslef, "I did my best. I did my best. I did my best." Nothing has ever been so true in my life. If you haven't seen it go look it up on youtube. You have to watch it to get the full effect though. I always hear that crying is super healthy for you, so that's a plus!! Can you imagine if you needed to cry and all you could think about was that crying had the same effect as smoking a pack of cigarettes? Just the thought of that would open the flood gates. 
So I am going to flip the intention of this post from whining about crying to EVERYONE NEEDS TO CRY MORE! 

Have you cried lately? 

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