Dear Diary

I'm afraid the intro if this post is going to have striking resemblance to one of my preteen diary entries.

"Dear Diary,
     I am sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been very busy."

I would then proceed to tell my diary about what has kept me away. I will spare you all the details to my "busy" life and just jump into the present moment.
I am writing to you all from my small little bedroom nest in Portland. I am freshly showered, sprawled out on my just made bed, (pause while I talk to my dad on facetime) cozy in my minky blankets that Nana and Oakleigh got me. I wake up every sunday with 'Sunday Kind of Love' stuck in my head. Sunday's referesh my soul. After a long week of nonsense I always look forward to sleeping in on sunday. Today I gathered all of my christmas presents and wrapped them. I LOVE gift giving. I can only imagine how much more I would love it if I had sufficient funds!! This christmas I feel like I am giving the bare minimun. And yes I can hear all your voices saying, "But cata, Christmas isn't about the presents!" and I am gonna stop you right there! IT IS TO ME!! There's hardly anything I love more than wrapping a carefully thought out present for someone and then watching them open it. Believe me, there is no one more disappointed than me when I tell you that I didn't get you a christmas present. With that being said, I hope you all like hand painted cards..
I cannot believe that the year is almost over. This time last year I could have never imagined my life right now. I feel like I am living my hipster fairytale.. New tattoos, gloomy weather, dispenceries and coffee shops galore, a sea of Columbia jackets everyhwere you go, a city of bridges and not a single significant other in sight! Yes the burning question that I cannot avoid everytime I talk to someone from home. No I have not yet found a bearded, flannel wearing lumberjack who is going to be the father of my unborn children! My auntie Eileen asked me if I found a guy here yet. When I told her I haven't she just responded with "Not one?! You must not be drinking enough lol". She gets me. Due to ovarian falure I have zero biological clock and that is comforting to me. The only time I crave the next chapter of my life is when I see OLDJOY post on her instagram story. Whatever I guess I will trudge forward with my mediocre job and wonderful co-workers living paycheck to paycheck until I find some stray cats that will want to hang out with me.

"Until next time diary. I pormise this time I won't wait this long to write again. Don't want you to be bored."

p.s. I legit thought all guys in portland looked like this. Low key disappointed. 


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