"If I was you, I'd want to be me too"

Hello and welcome to one of my very good days!

I woke up to one of my best friends and my kitty. Does that not merit the biggest thank you to the universe?? Last night I got to spend time with one of my favorite Kappas, Deborah (also known as lil' Debz) She made an amazing healthy dinner and we sat outside soaking up the sumer evening. After that we went to my new place and watched the movie JOY. It was an alright movie, nothing to brag about. The best part was sprawling out with a box of blueberries, a huge fan, my crack-head kitty, and my debz. Even though poor Deborah had to patiently help my up the stairs to my apartment, it was the most independent I have felt in very long time. For once I felt like I was pushing myself to do the little things I usually ask for help with. It might just be the kick of my early iced, soy, latte, with two raw sugars, but I am happier than I have been in a very long time. After I dropped Debz off at home this morning I listened to megan Trainor's song "Me too", on repeat the whole way up the canyon. In an hour I have to go to physical therapy to work on my walking. I have the most amazing physical therapy team. I really am the luckiest woman alive. (key word 'ALIVE') I AM ALIVE. Not only that but I am now LIVING, not just BREATHING.

I just got a new job at Berkshire Hathaway as a receptionist on the weekends and I am super proud of myself for getting the job. I also could not have gotten the job without a wonderful recommendation from my friend and wish granter/fairy godmother Deb Heartly. (She actually granted my wish from Make-A-Wish!)

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, I got a text last night from my little moon (Oakleigh, my first kappa little). She made my week. We have always been on good terms it's just that we got carried away in our own worlds for a little bit. However we are now back in contact and I am so happy I could cry.

Life is just so good right now...

On a small side note; My family is going to europe on monday and I am staying behind to work and get my momentum going. That means I'm going to be alone in Utah for a month. I am still getting the hang of walking and taking care of myself. I will be staying in salt lake but I might ask a little more of you (my friends and family) during this time. I still have trouble asking for help but I know you guys love me and I can count on you. If you could send some strengthening vibes my way I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you all for being my main motivators, my safety net, my main source of love, and my support system.

not Cat.


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