Put Me Back On The Map!!


  For the last month or so I have had 1 song stuck in my head. I hear it when I sleep, eat, read, socialize, breathe, etc. The song is called 'Back On The Map' by Kacey Musgraves. Not only do I hear this song on my playlist but I have memorized all of the words, as well as studied the lyrics. I constantly think of this song because I feel that I relate to it completely. The song is about getting back into the swing of things. After being "off grid" for so long all I want is to be put back on the map. I crave adventure, knowledge and most of all I crave friendships. I have amazing friends and I feel that I have finally sort of weaved out the relationships that have been toxic in my life. I am ready to jump back into my life!! I want to be at school. I can't wait to put myself out there again and meet new people. I intend on focusing a lot on my schoolwork and my social life. I almost want to make a promise to myself. I want to promise myself that I will live everyday as I wish it. I want to do everything that I feel like doing. I want to also push myself out of my comfort zone! On days that I want to stay in and paint, I will do it. On weekends when I have no homework I don't want to waste my time on Netflix. I want to go to parties with my kappa sisters. I want to finally spend some time with my fraternity friends. There are numerous frat guys on the row but honestly I can only name about 15... Most of them Being Omega Delta Phis.
    SO I guess what I am saying is that I need your help! I am asking you guys to keep me in mind for all your fun adventures. Don't hesitate to ask me to do things, even if you don't think I want to. I want to be asked to go to get fro yo, and to go for a drink, or to go camping! I don't care as long as you remember I'm up for anything. I hope this year I buck up and do things I have missed out on so far during college. This year I want to go to a football game (i have never been). I have never been asked to a formal. Even though in the past I felt more like a burden than a fun date, I would love to experience that. I promise myself I will put myself out there and make new friends, try new things, make memories and do my very best at living not just being alive.
What do you say? Will you all help put me back on the map??
Enjoy the last weeks of the summer!!

P.s On a completely different note.. is anyone looking for a roommate in salt lake? Let me know!!



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