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It's about damn time that I write another entry on this random piece of internet that I call my own. Picture this...

There is a girl. She has been through more than enough in her life. Yet every time she thinks she leaves the dark there is a sense in her, that tells her she will soon be back. No matter how many times she's been told that she has made it out of the woods or out of the tunnel. Somehow she always finds her way back in. Although at the beginning there was always a clear end in sight, she soon learns that her life is in the woods. She is  forever in that tunnel that has no light at the end. Can you imagine never finding a clearing to look up and see the blue sky? Can you imagine running underground as hard and as fast as you can yet there is no light ahead of you? She just runs. She holds her arms out in front of her for fear of the darkness ahead. There is something interesting about this girl. Though there is no end in sight, she keeps going. Day and night she pushes harder and harder. Sometimes she takes a small break. Usually she sits in that dark dense forest and breaks down. She knows the beasts and traps are all around her, and that she is the lucky she has managed to fight every beast in her way and to have untangled herself from all the traps. Yet sometimes she wonders if it is all even worth it. Would it not be easier for her to just let the beast devour every piece of her body mind and soul, just so she could at once feel peace? Wouldn't it hurt her heart less if she stopped fighting for the light at the end which never seems to come? She always ponders the idea saying, "This is the last try." "Next time I will surrender." But when that monster sneaks up on her she thinks of all that she has at the clearing of the woods. She has love, support, security, family, talent, promise. But most of all, she has the future. Within a moment she reties her shoe laces and begins to run again. This time with more motivation, knowing what is at the end.

By no means am I implying that I am this girl. But maybe try and put yourself in her shoes for a minute. Would you surrender? Or would you fight, and run again? What do you have in your life that is worth fighting for? If nothing, how can you find something worth running for? When you lose all hope, what would you tell yourself to make sure that (even with the uncertainty of never making it out) you kept fighting to find the light??
Some of you would say "DUH i would keep running!!" but until you're there in the dark, you will never
truly know.


  1. This is really beautiful. I think we all have forests and sometimes we find ourselves in the deep, dark parts that seem like they never end. You should read the Girl Who loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King.

    Also, I think weather or not we have have the choice to give in or to try and escape, we only have one single moment of human perception, and to fill that present moment with a feeling of beauty and peace is the greatest aspiration of life against the unbelievable odds that threaten all living things.


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