I have already had my cyst drained twice and every time they drain it, it comes back faster and bigger. I honestly couldn't care less about having it there beside the fact that it hurts and it looks ugly. SO along with getting a pedicure and waxing, I now have to worry about draining the cyst before I go to California on the 8th. YOU KNOW WHAT! I don't  even care. I am so happy right now. I have officially moved into kappa and I feel right at home. I was actually a little surprised when I got here and we weren't all having a giant slumber party, singing into hairbrushes and having pillow fights. People don't really understand that girls in sororities have a million things to do a day! Other than school we work, we study, we attend social events, we make time for boyfriends (not me obviously)  AND we party. I don't think you can actually comprehend how hard it is to balance all of that! May I also just add that kappas have been best in grades out of all the sororities on campus for the last 3 semesters.
So yah my point is we don't all just sit around and braid each other's hair!
      I have been sort of slacking in school. I am so ready for spring break! I am glad to finally be able to say that I understand what the hell I am doing in math class! (that is a first!) I am exploring the possibility of majoring in sexual health. I am taking a human sexuality class and I am fascinated! I love the class and I have given it quite of bit of thought! Knowing me this will change next week but I am hoping to officially declare a major before this semester ends so I know wtf I am doing!
     Yesterday I was up in Park City visiting the fam!! It was nice to see them. I have been so busy lately, I hardly see them anymore. Josi got her license, so everyone wear a helmet if you value your life.  She asked to borrow my car and I was so hesitant! I know she is a good driver but I think because I know her personality I fear that she can easily be distracted.. Anyway patrick (my car) came back safe and unharmed. I spent a lot of time with my baby siss franzi. She is such a little lady now that its hard to win time with her. Every time I come home she's either at a party or with her boyfriend. It was really nice to get be with her. I feel like I am missing out on her youth by being gone. So lately I have been envisioning dances. I picked a song, got franzi, went to the dance room and started choreographing. In the moment it was just for fun and no big deal but as soon as we put the first 5 sets of 8 together I got really emotional. It was all fun and games but seeing her dance through the movements that I had pieced together was so beautiful. I have become so good at suppressing my sadness about no longer being able to dance that I forget how much I love it. Watching her movements so precise and fluid, just hit me. She is far better than I ever was. But when I choreograph I feel like I am dancing through her. It is so liberating.
      I am happy to announce that on wednesday I will be getting another little!!! I am so excited to expand the family! Oakleigh will always be my first little and she holds a special place in my heart. Now I get double the love! I will be the proud big of twittles. Many of you GDI's may not know what a a little is but I am just gonna say it is the best day of your life when your little is revealed. If I am speaking gibberish, look it up! So yah! Life is good :)
I am counting down the hours until I leave for spring break! Everyday I wake up thinking it's friday…
Well I'm off to study for a Human Sexuality Exam!
~~TTYL lovers~~


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